Meet our Partners

Thomas Marasciullo is the Director of Manufacturing and Product Development for Hydroflex Systems, Inc. He has been instrumental in the development of flexible, atmospheric, water storage tanks and heat exchangers since 1976. He is THE expert authority in their manufacture. He has manufactured nearly ALL of the tanks and heat exchangers of this type for many other major tank distributors. He has served as warranty expert for all those tanks. He has designed and fabricated many of the tools he uses. He utilizes his manufacturing expertise to adapt these tanks for different uses such as solar thermal, wood and coal burning, fire protection, potable water, and aquaculture. He also built and developed solar collectors.

He obtained a Bachelor of Science from West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia and studied Housing Science and Solar Technology. While running his own manufacturing facility, he also worked for a major plumbing and electrical contractor for 21 years. He also worked as a building contractor.

Thomas Marasciullo,
Director of Manufacturing
& Product Development