Potable & Greywater Storage tanks

Hydroflex Ports & Other Products

Hydroflex Systems Potable and Greywater Tanks are provided with tank adapters.  These ports are constructed of PVC nipples and lock rings. The sizes available are ¾", 1", 1-¼", 1-½", 2", & 2-1/2".


Port Models

Part Number Description Weight (lbs)
TA075 ¾" Tank Adapter -
TA1 1" Tank Adapter -
TA125 1- ¼" Tank Adapter -
TA15 1- ½" Tank Adapter -
TA2 2" Tank Adapter -
TA25 2 - 1/2" Tank Adapter

Ports can be installed in the factory or on site.  Please print the following Port Location Diagram to indicate the location of penetrations in your tank system when installed in the factory. Return to our technical support department.

Port Location Diagram

Water Level Indicator

The water level indicator allows for a quick visual check that the water level is where it needs to be.   When ordered,  it arrives installed in the lid and only requires a simple set up after the tank is filled.  It is a very economical solution for necessary regular maintenance.

Part Number Description
Weight (lbs)
WLI water level indicator 2