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Hydroflex Ports & Other Products

Hydroflex Systems tanks are provided with two types of penetrations. The first type is referred to as a pipe passage (PP) which is an opening is provided for a given copper pipe size. These passages are constructed of PVC nipples and lock rings. The sizes available are ¾", 1", 1-¼", 1-½" & 2". Pipe passages are intended to be above the water level of the storage tank.

The second type of penetration is referred to as stainless steel connections (CSS). These connections terminate as a male pipe connection in sizes of 1", 1-½", 2" & 2-½". The connections allow for piping to be installed below the water level of the tank and are most commonly used in drain back solar systems.

Port Models

Part Number Description Weight (lbs)
PP075 ¾" Pipe Passage -
PP1 1" Pipe Passage -
PP125 1- ¼" Pipe Passage -
PP15 1- ½" Pipe Passage -
PP2 2" Pipe Passage -
CSS1 1" MPT Connection, Stainless Steel 4
CSS15 1- ½" MPT Connection, Stainless Steel 5
CSS2 2" MPT Connection, Stainless Steel 6

Please print the following Port Location Diagram to indicate the location of penetrations in your tank system. Return to our technical support department.

Port Location Diagram

Water Level Indicator

The water level indicator allows for a quick visual check that the water level is where it needs to be. When ordered, it arrives installed in the lid and only requires a simple set up after the tank is filled. It is a very economical solution for necessary regular maintenance.

Part Number Description
Weight (lbs)
WLI water level indicator 2

Heat Exchanger Stand

Heat exchanger stands raise coils 12 inches off the bottom of the tank. They are used depending on stratification and temperature necessary.

Part Number Description Weight(lbs)
EXT-1 Heat Exchanger Extension Stand, 1" Tubing 10
EXT Heat Exchanger Extension Stand, ¾" Tubing 10