Smart Energy & CHP

Hydroflex Copper Heat Exchanger Coils

Hydroflex Systems standard copper coils are made with 3/4" type L soft copper in varying lengths. In addition, we now offer 1" copper coils. Type L soft copper has one of the best heat transfer efficiencies available and has very minimal reaction to water and glycol solutions. We have found that our copper coils transfer energy at a rate of 250 Btu/ft to 950 Btu/ft.

Hydroflex Systems offers stainless steel heat exchangers as well.  They are manufactured from 316L, corrugated, helical stainless steel.  While stainless stell has a lesser coefficient of heat transfer than copper, the tubing wall is thinner AND its corrugated design offers greater surface area.

We also offer brazed plate heat exchangers if required by the system.

Please contact design department for more information which is best for a particular system.

When sizing coils for smart energy heat storage tanks, there are several factors that must be considered which affect rate of heat transfer (or heat gain.) Some of these factors include fluid temperature flowing through the copper, temperature of tank, fluid type, and flow rate. It is very important to have an experienced designer involved with sizing and engineering a system so that the proper size coils are selected. We are happy to help!

We also offer a heat exchanger extension stand which raises the heat exchanger 12 inches from the bottom of the tank. See ports & other products.

Heat Exchangers Models

Part Number Description copper heat exchangers Weight(lbs)
CHX5050-1 50' & 50' double coil, 1" tubing 71
CHX120-1 120' coil, 1" tubing 77
CHX100-1 100' coil, 1" tubing 61
CHX60120 60' & 120' double coil, ¾" tubing 98
CHX9090 90' & 90' double coil, ¾" tubing 98
CHX6060 60' & 60' double coil, ¾" tubing 74
CHX90120 90' & 120' double coil, ¾" tubing 118
CHX60 60' coil, ¾" tubing 35
CHX90 90' coil, ¾" tubing 52
CHX120 120' coil, ¾" tubing 70
CHX180 180' coil, ¾" tubing 93
SHX8080-1 80' & 80' double coil, 1" tubing 47
SHX160-1 160' coil, 1" tubing 54
SHX80-1 80' coil, 1" tubing 30
SHX8080 80' & 80' double coil, 3/4" tubing 42
SHX160 160' coil, 3/4' tubing 42
SHX80 80' coil, 3/4" tubing 27

List of Coil Piping Schematics

Single Coil Load Double Coil Heat Source
Single Coil Heat Double Coil Combination Load and Heat Source
Double Coil Load