Features & Benefits of Flexible Water Storage Tanks From Hydroflex

At Hydroflex Systems, Inc., you’ll find a vast selection of water storage solutions including premanufactured large capacity water tanks, collapsible hot water storage tanks, flexible water storage tanks, and an abundance of other water storage solutions. These products represent the best in water storage technology and innovation.

In addition, we focus on your needs and providing exceptional service throughout the process. No matter your water storage needs, Hydroflex is your source in Central Pennsylvania for high-quality premanufactured water storage systems and exceptional customer service.


These round tanks are made of light-weight, flexible aluminum with a variety of pliable, no-seam liners depending on the application. All are extremely durable. Our premanufactured large capacity water tanks arrive to a job site fully insulated and manufactured. There are two levels of insulation available, standard and XR (extra insulation). Each type can be fitted with a double insulation kit.  This range of R-values helps ensure you get the perfect amount of insulation to meet your unique needs.  They come with a 10-year warranty, but more importantly, many tanks have been in service for decades. We offer replacement parts for our tanks as well as tanks we supplied to other distributors.


The flexible (often referred to as collapsible) qualities of these materials make installation simple and straightforward AND shipping much less expensive than other tanks.

When shipped, the top and bottom are removed. Opposite sides of the round tank are narrowed to form an oblong shape. Crated tanks are only 19" or 24" wide. At a job site these flexible water storage tanks can be walked through a 36" opening such as a standard doorway. Once in location they are easily expanded. The top and bottom are fitted in place. The tanks are ready to be filled and placed into service in an amazingly short time.

The ease of installation combined with the durability that comes from attention to detail and quality materials in the manufacturing process mean you have a simple and straightforward option for your water storage needs. This makes Hydroflex the obvious choice as you seek out premanufactured water storage tanks for your project.

Hydroflex: Your Trusted Provider

For more than 30 years, we’ve been manufacturing a vast selection of quality premanufactured water storage systems and other products. We focus on keeping a diverse selection of products, so you can find the perfect water storage solution for your unique situation. We are the professional, experienced and reliable choice as you search for expert guidance, quality products and outstanding services in water storage.

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