Water Storage for Smart Energy Systems

At Hydroflex Systems, Inc., we serve as North America’s leader in thermal storage for smart energy systems. We use our 30-plus years of experience to create products and deliver services that help you create the efficient, inexpensive, environmentally friendly commercial or residential heating systems. Read on to learn more about our heat storage for smart energy systems.

Advantages of the Hydroflex Systems Heat Storage Tank

The biggest advantage of the Hydroflex Systems heat storage tanks is their versatility.  A single tank can support all types of smart energy systems.  Smart energy is the efficient use of all heat sources within a given facility. Hydroflex heat storage tanks are much more cost effective than pressurized tanks.

Another major advantage is in the retrofit of existing buildings. Crated, large capacity tanks are narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway.  All 42 sizes of tanks, from 100 gallons to 5000 gallons, are uniquely designed this way for ease of installation.  They arrive to a job site completely manufactured and ready for a simple set-up process.  Standard and XR models are completely insulated.  Each have different R value ratings and can further be equipped with double insulation kits.  Tanks store heat until required for later use in either heating or cooling applications.  They require minimal maintenance.  Hydroflex Systems offers 11 different sizes of heat exchangers for an entirely customized system.  These heat exchangers are designed to eliminate laminar flow and increase tank stratification.

Harnessing Wasted Heat Using Heat Storage for CHP Systems(Combined Heat and Power)

According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, thermal applications account for more than 30 percent of all U.S. energy consumption.  Yet, as an example, the US throws away 2/3 of the heat left over from power production.

Hydroflex tanks are utilized in CHP systems.  CHP systems, put to good use the wasted heat left over in the following types of facilities:


  • Generation, such as power plants
  • Industrial, such as food processing and waste water treatment plants
  • Institutional, such as hospitals, schools and government buildings
  • Commercial, such as office buildings and multi-family units.
  • Residential

Where traditionally, CHP systems were mostly utilized for generation and industrial processes, the proportion of commercial and institutional systems has greatly increased over the past several years and is expected to continue to increase.

Other Sources of Clean Energy

Hydroflex tanks can also store heat from solar thermal and biomass applications.  Several sources can feed the same tank through separate heat exchanger loops, creating a single, thermal "battery".  This offers redundancy and increased efficiency.

Usefulness of Hydroflex Systems Heat Storage Systems

Domestic hot water is the second-largest use of energy in most buildings. That’s why it’s beneficial to look into hot water heating as one of the many uses for smart energy systems, and one that helps home and business owners achieve maximum efficiency. Smart energy systems for domestic hot water and commercial hot water help reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions. At Hydroflex Systems Inc., we offer tanks that store and deliver energy when needed. Here’s a look at the many uses of smart energy systems and solar thermal power:


1. Domestic Hot Water

CHP for Domestic hot water

Smart energy systems for domestic hot water are used both at residential and commercial properties. Smart energy systems for domestic hot water takes the city or well water that flows in at 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and make it available when you need it and at what temperature you need it. Hydroflex tanks help reduce your costs by heating this water essentially for free.

2. Space Heating

CHP space heating

  1. Smart energy systems for domestic space heating also help provide a more efficient path to creating the climate you want. Smart energy systems for space heating may take the form of forced air, radiant floor and hydronic baseboard systems. Each uses heat stored in Hydroflex tanks to reach its maximum potential. The right smart energy systems for domestic space heating for you depends on your property and your needs. For example, hydronic baseboard systems are most appropriate in new construction and retrofit situations.

3. Absorption Chillers & Heat Pumps

CHP Heat Pumps


  1. 1. Smart energy systems for absorption chillers use a three-phase process to create cooler air. First, a liquid refrigerant boils and extracts the heat around it. Then, a gaseous refrigerant is absorbed by another liquid, which is then heated by at Hydroflex tank. Finally, a heat exchanger replenishes the supply of liquid refrigerant and provides the condensing. Smart energy systems for domestic heat pumps work in similar fashion.


If you are looking for heat storage for smart energy systems, trust us to provide a selection that lets you choose exactly what you need. At Hydroflex, we offer a team of experienced hydronic engineers and outstanding heat storage products for CHP.


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