Drinking Water Storage Tanks

Potable water is one of life’s necessities. At Hydroflex Systems, Inc., you’ll find a selection of drinking water storage tanks in a variety of sizes. These drinking water storage tanks protect potable water for the long term, ensuring access whenever the need strikes.

We create our tanks with a focus on innovation and constant quality improvement. We’ve been manufacturing water storage tanks for more than 30 years, offering outstanding products and exceptional services. We never rest on a design, though, as we’re always incorporating new technology and developments. When you choose Hydroflex, you get an innovative solution for drink water storage tanks.

Our Drinking Water Storage Tanks

Hydroflex Systems offers drinking water storage tanks that have been in the marketplace for over 30 years. Our manufacturing group has accumulated unparalleled experience in the construction, crating and shipping of these tanks. We are constantly improving our products.

Standard potable water storage tanks are constructed with  embossed aluminum which acts as the structural skin, and an NSF certified liner.  Standard tanks are listed below.  Special order tanks range from 100  to 5,000 gallons.  Hydroflex water storage tanks will give many years of trouble free service.

At Hydroflex, you’ll find drinking water storage tanks in common sizes, such as:

  • Potable water tanks in 250-gallon sizes
  • Potable water tanks in 500-gallon sizes
  • Potable water tanks in 950-gallon sizes

Interested in potable water tanks in custom sizes? You’ve come to the right place. We can create a custom solution for your unique needs.

When searching for drinking water storage tanks, you won’t find the same combination of customization, quality, durability and affordability as what you’ll find at Hydroflex.

Why Hydroflex Systems?

When searching for drinking water storage tanks, you’ll find an abundance of options. What sets Hydroflex apart from the competition? It starts with experience.

We’ve been manufacturing water storage tanks for more than three decades, always delivering products of the highest quality and services that are focused on your unique needs. When it comes to drinking water storage tanks, you don’t need a generic solution — you need a product that perfectly meets your needs, saves you money and promises dependable performance over the long term.

Those are the qualities we focus on at Hydroflex — customizable, affordable, dependable drinking water storage tanks and other products that help meet the needs of homes, business and other organizations. We’re always looking for ways to improve our products and services, because providing the best drinking water storage tanks and related services to you and other customers is our priority. Count on us for your drinking water storage needs and more.

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Tanks Models

4' tanks

model number


crate size (in)
width x height length


T250 250 48 48 155 15 x 52 75
T500 500 64 48 206 15 x 52 100
T950 950 86 48 303 15 x 52 135